StoryShack CanvasCraft:
The Infinite Imagination Kit

Unleash your creative potential and skyrocket your business with these amazing assets!

It's about to get exciting! We've Released A Bundle of 5000 Images to build your Stories, Videos, websites, Books books, and magazines. And Wherever Else You Decide!

Bring your business to LIFE In countless categories, from animals to people, legends to landscapes

Let's Explore!


We've had an idea... The very images we use for many things with design work are the very things you could use too!

As there's 5000+ images, there was a lot to organise and put together properly, but we've put them in their folders, ready and waiting!

We did intend to actually launch these to the public, but then we decided that we'd give our customers & subscribers first access as a thank you for being part of our journey and sharing yours with us!

Craig Crawford
Ame Lance

Using high-quality assets & AI backgrounds, each one took us minutes, literally! If We Can Do These... So, can you? (we're not that techy!)

We're not just stopping there... The landscapes you see in the examples are just a few of the ones you'll be accessing that our team is working on creating for you!

You'll be granted access to a whole heap of beautiful, creative backgrounds to push your business forward.

Build your own stories by setting your own scenes with thousands of these brilliant assets at your disposal.

Slide the slider to left & right to see the before and after:

Before.... After...
Before... After...
Before... After...
Before... After...
Before... After...

A World of Themes Coming To You!

Enchanted Landscapes

Mystical forests, serene lakes, and magical kingdoms seem to whisper tales of yore.

Urban Elegance

From the hustle and bustle of neon-lit city streets to the serene ambiance of quaint cafes and parks.

Cosmic Vistas

Outer space scenes, starry skies, and distant planets, offering a gateway to otherworldly adventures.

Historical Settings

Time-travel through beautifully rendered scenes from medieval castles to roaring '20s cityscapes.

Natural Wonders

Pristine beaches, majestic mountains, and lush jungles that evoke the beauty of the natural world.Mystical forests, serene lakes, and magical kingdoms that seem to whisper tales of yore.

A whole heap of landscape images are coming!

My team is creating them as we speak. And a Special Feautre Only That Only Our StoryShack Customers Get... 

Request a Landscape: This is where you just send us an email and we get working on it for you!As you know, here at StoryShack, we value you, your custom, and our love to help you along the way!

Craft Your World with StoryShack CanvasCraft: The Infinite Imagination Kit

Unleash your creativity and bring your stories to life with StoryShack CanvasCraft: The Infinite Imagination Kit. This meticulously curated collection of 5,000 high-quality background images opens the door to endless possibilities, transforming your creative projects into captivating experiences.

Why StoryShack CanvasCraft?

Reason 01
Diverse Themes

From enchanting fairy tale forests to sleek, modern cityscapes, our collection spans a wide array of themes and styles, ensuring you find the perfect backdrop for every story.

Reason 02
Exceptional Quality

Each image in our collection is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, offering vibrant colors and crisp, clear imagery that will elevate your project's visual appeal.

Reason 03

Whether you're illustrating a book, creating engaging video content, designing a website, or spicing up your blog, our backgrounds will seamlessly integrate into your project, adding depth and dimension.


Feature 01
5,000 unique images

A vast library at your fingertips, ready to cater to your every creative need—perfect for anywhere!

Feature 02

All images are optimized for immediate use in a variety of digital formats, saving you time and effort in your creative process.

Feature 03

Enjoy the freedom to use our images across multiple projects without worrying about additional fees.

Perfect for

Perfect for 01
Authors and Illustrators

Add a visual dimension to your storytelling, making your books even more engaging for readers.

Perfect for 02
Video Creators

Elevate your videos with stunning backgrounds that complement your narrative.

Perfect for 03
Web Designers & Bloggers

Enhance the aesthetic appeal of your online presence with professional, eye-catching imagery.

Invest in Your Creativity With This Treasure Trove

With StoryShack CanvasCraft, you're not just buying images; you're investing in a tool that amplifies your creativity, allowing you to weave richer, more vibrant stories. It's an investment in your passion, your projects, and your vision.

Your Canvas

Don't let your imagination be constrained. Expand your creative horizons with StoryShack CanvasCraft: The Infinite Imagination Kit. Begin your journey towards more engaging, visually stunning projects today.

Unlock the power of your creativity. With StoryShack CanvasCraft, the only limit is your imagination.

The choice is yours!

Get your hands on this complete package today and move one step closer to your dream!


You're 100% Risk-Free with Our 30-Day Guarantee!

Embark on a learning quest; our promise holds. For 30 days, a tale unfolds. If our books fail to spark your delight, return them with ease; no worry is in sight.  No questions asked, no hoops to climb—your satisfaction is our paradigm.

In this poetic pledge, sincerity blooms, as learning's journey in your heart looms. Explore the pages and let knowledge flow. Yet if disappointment dares to grow, a full refund, swift and kind, will ensure your peace of mind. A 30-day embrace, a guarantee true. In the world of wonder, we welcome you.





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