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Faithful Flicks Goes

July 8th
At 10 AM EST


July 8th At 10 AM EST


July 12th At 11:59 PM EST

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Dear Valued Partner,

Join Our Affiliate Program and Boost Your Earnings with the Christian Reels Viral Content Bundle - Fatihful Flicks!

The Collection:

400+ Christian Reels Viral Content Bundle

We are thrilled to invite you to participate in the launch of the "Christian Reels Viral Content Bundle," an unparalleled opportunity to make a significant impact in the faith-based social media space while substantially increasing your earnings.

PLUS: Sellable assets! Traffic > Offer = MONEY!!!

Why Join Us?

With 2.3 billion Christians worldwide, you'll be tapping into the largest audience on the planet.

The global e-learning market is projected to reach $457.8 billion by 2026, and the demand for Christian educational content is at an all-time high.

As a valued affiliate, you'll benefit from an incredible prize pool of over $2,000 and 70% commissions on the front end!

Your Invitation

Join forces with The Story Shack and be part of a transformative venture that combines faith, education, and profit.

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The Potential

This bundle is designed to help your customers craft high-quality, engaging social media content that they can use for their channels or sell to other marketers. With 100% unrestricted PLR rights, the possibilities are endless: create viral videos, build a brand, and more.

Why Promote

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Dear Valued Partner

Join Our Affiliate Program and Boost Your Earnings
with Bible Tales For Young Hearts!

Elevate Your Income with The Christian Reels Collection

Offer your customers an innovative way to make money by selling viral Christian videos. This bundle allows your clients to leverage PLR material to create engaging social media content, grow their channels, and drive revenue.

Our Track Record

Our previous launches have consistently delivered exceptional results.

We're bringing the same proven strategy to this new project, ensuring high conversion rates and maximum profitability for our affiliates.

Why Join us?

Massive Audience

With 2.3 billion Christians worldwide, you'll be tapping into the largest audience on the planet.

Lucrative Industry

PLR isn't a here today, gone tomorrow - People are making amazing income selling high-quality assets

Exclusive Rewards

As a valued affiliate, you'll benefit from an incredible prize pool of over $1,000+ and 70% commissions on the front end!

Front end

Christian Reels Viral Content Bundle: $14.95 

  • 70% Commission



Front end BUMP

Additional 200 Christian Reels: $9 (50% Commission)

  • 50% Commission




StoryShack FaithFul Flicks Expansion Pack :

More of Everything above in the FE!!!

  • 50% Commission




450 Christian Social Media Posts

  • 50% Commission



oto 3

Bible Tales For Young Hearts: $24.95 

  • 50% Commission



Music Membership: 
  • 50% Commission 



oto 5
Selling With Stories Training:  
  • 50% Commission 



The Art Of Upselling
  • 50% Commission 



Perfect for Selling as a PLR opportunity:


Entrepreneurs and marketers can use the PLR content to create engaging lead magnets and nurture their audience with valuable educational resources.

Authors and Content Creators

Those in the content creation industry can repurpose the PLR content to develop engaging blog posts & articles

Educational Platforms

Enhance offerings with diverse and captivating materials.

Affiliate Marketers

By selling the PLR rights, affiliate marketers can tap into a profitable niche, offering a valuable product with high demand.

Going Live On: July 8th, 
earn your share of over $1,000+ in prizes

How to Win


Generate the highest sales during the launch period to secure your spot in the top 5 and claim your share of $1500 in prizes.


Continue your efforts during the 5-day launch closing and win your share of the additional $800 in prizes.

Prizes Breakdown for the Opening 
Contest Launch Period:


First place


Second place


third place


fourth place



Closing of the 5-Day (July 12th)
Launch Prizes:


First place


Second place


third place

DISCLAIMER: All commissions generated from your promotion must be equal to or greater than the prize in order to qualify. (Which should be pretty easy for everyone. Otherwise, you will receive the next prize in line with what your commissions qualify you for.)

Win A Gevril Time Piece!

When the launch closes the top JV's with a minimum of ONLY 250 sales in total will be entered to win a Gevril watch!

If somehow you're the only person to make 250 sales, you can choose the watch you like!

If Two people make over 250 sales, then the person with the most sales picks first

And if there's more than Two people (which should happen).... then the most sales gets to pick their choice of watch and then we'll draw in a hat and pick the winner at random!

And ladies... I've got you covered - You'll be in for a watch too! (Unless you want your hubby/partner/me/ someone to recieve it as a gift! ha ha)

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