Create and Profit from Lucrative Children's Video Tales with Done-For-You, Unique, High-Quality, and Editable
Video Stories Complete with Voiceover and Animation, All with an Exclusive PLR License.

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With Kidz Toons, you're going to be BLOWN away, and as it's such a special launch/opportunity being presented...

I wanted to add in ANOTHER Special Bonus which you can see below on this very video!

What's MotionKid?

MotionKid vast array of ready-to-use, uniquely crafted children's video storiesVersatile video templates, easily editable with a user-friendly drag-and-drop video editor

Each video comes with enriched voiceovers and animations - It also has an all-inclusive toolkit offering pre-made marketing assets such as Video Sales Letters (VSLs), Sales Pages, Swipes, and Download Pages. 

This package serves as your gateway to effortlessly kickstarting or improving your own digital product business in a trending niche, simplifying your journey to success.


Each offer you grab, you'll get a pick of a game -  Grab them all, get them all - It's as simple as that.

Also, I thought long and hard about how you can enhance your business with the MotionKID assets and came to the conclusion that you could diversify the content you're puchasing with MORE stories/scripts.

So whoever grabs it, get's 100 bonus scripts/stories!
Grab the entire offer and get 500 bonus Scripts/stories!

And also... Everyone gets access to the Canva Masterclass

We just wanted this to be a fun way to help you with your business!

We hope you're well,
Craig, Ame & The StoryShack Team

Craig Crawford
Ame Lance