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If your Customers pay via PayPal for a Course but they are not enrolled after a while try to see that everything is working properly following the next cases:

  • Set your PayPal Gateway to Life instead of Sandbox.
  • Be sure that your Customers actually paid for the course(s) and you’ve really received the required fee into your PayPal Balance.
  • Ensure that you didn’t set any manual IPN URL into your PayPal account. You can check that on PayPal Interface -> My Profile -> My Selling Tolls -> Instant payment notifications. Tiny Scolarz informs PayPal which IPN address needs to be used for confirming the payments.
  • Ensure that on your Server and Website there is no restriction and enough permission to access the IPN file via URL.  Your IPN URL is based on your plugin path and ipn
  • If you are not able to access your IPN file via browser or you get any error (like 500 server error) means that the PayPal API can not access either. Get in touch with your Hosting Provider and ask about this restriction.
  • Check if your cURL library is properly installed on your Server and there is not a SSL problem. Contact your hosting provider for more details.
  • Ensure that your Primary PayPal currency is exactly the same with the currency set into  Tiny Scolarz system. Otherwise, your transaction from Paypal will not be managed automatically.