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After the resounding success of our first launch at StoryShack, we're thrilled to bring you an even more exciting opportunity.


Going Live ON: 
Opens: April 9th @11am edt!
Closes: April 14th @ 11:59pm edt

Join The StoryShack's FULL Training COURSE + 2000+  Children's Printables PLR Collection Launch and Win Big

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This isn't just a bunch of pages...

This isn't merely a collection of worksheets... It's an expansive toolkit that enables your audience to dive deep into the kids' niche, armed with 2000+ printable children's worksheets and cutting-edge strategies to sell these in-demand assets with PLR rights.

This treasure trove is meticulously designed to cater to marketers, educators, and families worldwide, enriching children's learning experiences in a playful and engaging manner.

Dear Esteemed Partner,

We're thrilled to invite you to the launch of "Playful Profits: Selling Smiles" – a unique blend of educational brilliance and marketing savvy, crafted to revolutionize the way learning content is consumed and sold.

As a cherished affiliate, we're rolling out the red carpet for you with a tempting prize pool of $1,500 and front-end commissions of 60%!

As you can see on the left..

The last launch I did, Alessandro topped my leaderboard... So I (just yesterday - at the time of writing this) Topped his to show my support.


What's Inside "Playful Profits: Selling Smiles":

- Exclusive training sessions that guide you through the nuances of marketing within the children's and PLR niches, unveiling strategies to maximize your profits.

Many of you have seen what I do, from launching to coaching - Software developement, courses, PLR creatives and MORE

- A vast collection of 2000+ children's activity worksheets spanning essential skills and themes, ready to captivate young minds and facilitate fun learning.

Seize this golden opportunity to offer your audience not just content, but a transformative educational experience that can be repurposed in countless ways!

Front end - Profit pathway:

- "Playful Profits" Training + LIVE Training Session (People don't know how to successfully sell PLR!)

- Training Assets to go with their program

- 2000+ Printable Children assets with PLR Rights


  • 65% Commission

Your Chance to Shine:

- FRONT END: Grab 60% commissions on our flagship offering, including the full suite of 2000+ educational worksheets and comprehensive training and a live session.




MRR Rights

So They Can Sell to Other Marketers!

+ Sales Page

  • 50% Commission

This upgrade is a "No Brainer" We'll be selling them the rights to sell this to other marketers with MRR rights.. and not just PLR.




The Art Of Upselling Course & Assets

  • 50% Commission

We're allowing the lucky customers to access a training that teaches them how to make MORE money from their purchase.



10,000+ Colouring Pack + Sales Page Content + MRR Rights
  • 50% Commission 

The course they're about to embark on is going to be showcased for them to take advantage of selling the WHOLE course with PLR rights as their own.



Profit Maximiser
  • 50% Commission 

Additional Assets To Upsell To Customers + Funnel Building Training Course




  • 50% Commission 

This is also a "No Brainer" Decision!

This is ongoing assets with BIG wins inside, they'll already get books, images, content, training AND MORE!



Perfect for Selling as a PLR opportunity:


Entrepreneurs and marketers can use the PLR content to create engaging lead magnets and nurture their audience with valuable educational resources.

Authors and Content Creators

Those in the content creation industry can repurpose the PLR content to develop engaging blog posts, articles, or even create entirely new e-books.

Educational Platforms

Online learning platforms and course creators can use the PLR content to enhance their offerings, providing diverse and captivating educational materials to their students.

Affiliate Marketers

By selling the PLR rights, affiliate marketers can tap into a profitable niche, offering a valuable product with high demand.

Perfect for Selling to countless types of people and businesses!

These potential buyers would be interested in The Story Shack e-Learning Collection due to its versatility, aligning with the curriculum while offering engaging and diverse educational content for children.

Perfect for

The Story Shack e-Learning Collection provides parents with a treasure trove of educational resources to supplement their children's learning at home, making it a perfect investment for homeschooling or extracurricular education.

Perfect for

Educators can utilize the content to create engaging lesson plans, worksheets, and even develop entire courses tailored to their students' needs, making learning more enjoyable and effective.

Perfect for
Children's Book Authors

Writers specializing in children's literature can find inspiration and resources to create new, original stories or enhance their existing work.

Perfect for
Educational Institutions

Schools and educational institutions can incorporate the content into their curriculum, offering diverse and captivating materials for enhanced learning experiences.

Perfect for
Tutoring Centres

Tutoring centres can utilize the diverse content to supplement their lessons, providing additional resources to help students grasp complex concepts in a more engaging way.

Perfect for

Public and school libraries can enhance their collection with educational materials that align with the curriculum, catering to students looking for enjoyable yet informative content.

Perfect for
Bookstores with an Educational Focus

Specialty bookstores focusing on educational materials can offer The Story Shack e-Learning Collection to parents and teachers seeking quality resources for children's learning.

Perfect for
Online Book Platforms

Websites and platforms specializing in educational books can add this collection to their catalogue, providing a digital avenue for parents and teachers to access quality content.

Perfect for

Organizations running literacy programs can benefit from the wide range of content, using it to inspire a love for reading and learning among children.

Perfect for
Homeschooling Co-ops

Homeschooling cooperatives can find value in the collection by aligning the stories with their curriculum, providing a diverse range of subjects to enrich the homeschooling experience.

Perfect for
Children's Hospitals

Paediatric wards in hospitals can use these stories to create a positive and educational environment for young patients, offering entertainment and learning during their stay.

Perfect for
After-School Programs

Programs designed to enrich students' learning experiences after school can utilize the content to engage children in educational activities beyond regular school hours.

Perfect for
Community Centres

Community centres focused on education and child development can incorporate The Story Shack e-Learning Collection into their programs, offering a valuable resource for children in the community.

Perfect for

Language schools teaching English as a second language can use the stories to enhance language skills, making the learning process more enjoyable for young language learners.

Going Live On: 
April 5th
Prizes: $1,500+

How to Win:

1. Generate the highest sales during the launch period to secure your spot in the top 5 and claim your share of $1000 in prizes.

2. Continue your efforts during the 5-day launch closing and win your share of the additional $500 in prizes.

DISCLAIMER: All commissions generated from your promotion must be equal to or greater than the prize in order to qualify. (Which should be pretty easy for everyone. Otherwise you will receive the next prize in line with what your commissions qualify you for.)

Prizes Breakdown for the Opening
Contest Launch Period:


First place


Second place


third place


fourth place



Closing of the 5-Day (March 19)
Launch Prizes:


First place


Second place


third place

Whats on offer on the Front End

The Kids Printable Activity Worksheets PLR Bundle comes in sections of downloadable files,
which make organization and finding the activity worksheets you are interested in very easy.

The 2,000 Kids Printable Activity Worksheets Are Divided Into 20+ Essential Skills Including:
  • Alphabet
  • Color by Numbers
  • Colors & Shapes
  • Connect the dots
  • Counting Game
  • Crosswords
  • Cut & Glue
  • Drawing
  • Matching Game
  • Math
  • Maze Game
  • Numbers
  • Odd one Out
  • Pairing Game
  • Patterns
  • Shadow Game
  • Spellings
  • Spot The Differences
  • Sudoku
  • Writing Practice
  • And Many More!
  • Birds
  • Dinosaurs
  • Flowers
  • Food
  • Fruits
  • Holidays
  • Insects
  • Mammals
  • Monsters
  • Objects
  • Pirates
  • Robots
  • Santa Claus
  • School
  • Sea World
  • Space
  • Sports
  • Stories
  • Toys
  • Transport

Transform learning the ABCs into an adventure! From A to Z, watch as children immerse themselves in the magic of letters.


Explore the world of shapes! From circles to triangles, children will learn shape recognition through engaging activities.

Writing Practice

Unlock the power of penmanship! With engaging exercises, children will refine their writing skills while crafting their own stories.


Unleash the inner artist! From doodles to masterpieces, watch as children bring their imagination to life through drawing.

Connect the dots

Connect the dots and reveal hidden surprises! Watch as children uncover fascinating images while honing their coordination skills.

Colour by numbers

Add a splash of color to learning! With color-coded numbers, children will create stunning artworks while reinforcing number recognition.

Counting Game

Make learning numbers fun! Engage children in exciting counting activities that reinforce numeracy skills in an entertaining way.

Maze Game

Navigate through twists and turns! Stimulate critical thinking and problem-solving skills with captivating maze challenges.

Pairing Game

Match and pair for endless fun! Challenge memory and concentration skills with entertaining matching games.

Spot the difference 

Sharpen observation skills! Engage children in delightful challenges as they spot the differences between seemingly identical images.

Shadow Game

Discover shapes in a whole new light! With shadow play, children will sharpen their visual perception while having fun.


Unlock the beauty of patterns! Inspire creativity and critical thinking with mesmerizing pattern puzzles.

Odd One Out

Think outside the box! Encourage logical thinking and problem-solving with captivating odd one out puzzles

Matching Game

Find the perfect match! Enhance memory and cognitive skills with engaging matching activities.

Cut and Glue

Get hands-on with creativity! Foster fine motor skills and artistic expression with fun cut and glue activities.


Spell your way to success! Engage children in spelling challenges that reinforce literacy skills in an enjoyable way.


Crack the code with crosswords! Enhance vocabulary and critical thinking skills with entertaining word puzzles


Make math magical! From addition to geometry, engage children in interactive math activities that make learning a joy.


Exercise the brain with Sudoku! Develop problem-solving abilities while having a blast with numbers.


Numbers worksheets that are PERFECT for learning and growing their counting skills!

Swipes & Info:

  • Subjects

  • FE Items Listed

  • Short Swipes

  • Elevate Learning Adventures with The Story Shack!
  • Unleash Creativity and Education with The Story Shack!
  • Dive into a World of Stories and Learning!
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  • Ignite Curiosity: The Story Shack Unveils Educational Wonders!


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Subject:  Unlock Dual Earnings: The Story Shack PLR Delivers Twice the Value! 

Hello [Customer's Name],

Get ready for a game-changing opportunity! The Story Shack e-Learning Collection not only provides an extensive array of educational content but also opens the doors to dual income streams. This is just some of what you get:

A library of 200+ high-quality books tailored to the school curriculum.
StoryShack's Build a Book bundle, featuring word searches, quizzes, creative coloring pages, high-quality images, and top SEO keywords.
StoryShack's StoryCraft Pro bundle, including the "Melody Minds Library" with 350+ music tracks and "AnimateMasters Pro" offering 30+ categories of animations.
And as if that's not enough, here are the MEGA BONUSES:

100+ Mega Mazes Pack
100+ Sudoku Elements Pack
100+ Comic Book Template Pack
100+ Handwriting Practice Template Pack
100+ Kids Story Book Templates
Canva Book Templates
Additional beautiful content like journal prompts
INCLUDED: The Ultimate Workbook
This is just some of what you get with The Story Shack e-Learning Collection. Now, imagine doubling your earnings:

Sell PLR Rights to Marketers: Leverage Unrestricted PLR rights to The Story Shack stories. Become the go-to source for marketers and entrepreneurs seeking high-quality educational content.

Serve Parents and Teachers: Cater to the vast market of parents and teachers hungry for engaging educational resources. Position The Story Shack as an invaluable resource for teaching children.

Ready to unlock dual earnings? Click [Your Affiliate Link] to explore The Story Shack e-Learning Collection and seize the opportunity for multiplied income!

Best regards,
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Subject: Unleash the Power of Video: Market The Story Shack Collection Effectively!

Hello [Customer's Name],

Exciting news awaits for those ready to take the leap into the world of video marketing! If you've been considering ways to elevate The Story Shack e-Learning Collection through visual storytelling, you're in for a treat.

Here's how you can effectively leverage video marketing to make The Story Shack stories resonate with a wider audience:

1. Captivating Trailers: Create attention-grabbing video trailers that showcase the essence of The Story Shack e-Learning Collection. Highlight the educational value, vibrant visuals, and the joy of learning these stories bring to children.

2. Engaging Animated Clips: Turn selected stories into short, animated clips. These visually appealing snippets can be shared across social media platforms, captivating your audience and leaving them eager to explore the full collection.

3. Author Insights: Introduce your audience to the creators behind The Story Shack e-Learning Collection through video interviews or behind-the-scenes footage. This personal touch adds authenticity and fosters a stronger connection with potential customers.

4. Educational Webinars: Host live or pre-recorded webinars showcasing the educational benefits of The Story Shack stories. Demonstrate how these stories can complement existing curricula or enhance children's learning experiences at home.

5. Testimonials and Reviews: Compile video testimonials from satisfied customers or influencers within the educational space. Authentic reviews provide social proof and build trust, encouraging others to invest in The Story Shack e-Learning Collection.

Ready to make a visual impact with The Story Shack e-Learning Collection? Click to explore the collection and start creating compelling video content now!

For any questions or support, feel free to reach out.

Best regards,
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Subject: Unleash Your Entrepreneurial Spirit: Dive into Unrestricted PLR with The Story Shack!

Hello [Customer's Name],

Are you ready to take your entrepreneurial journey to new heights? The Story Shack e-Learning Collection brings you an exclusive opportunity to delve into Unrestricted Private Label Rights (PLR) – a game-changer for those seeking creative freedom and unlimited profit potential.

What Unrestricted PLR Means for You:

1. Total Ownership: With Unrestricted PLR, you gain complete ownership of The Story Shack e-Learning Collection. Customize, rebrand, and make it your own, positioning yourself as a unique force in the market.

2. Endless Revenue Streams: Imagine the possibilities! Sell these educational stories as your own products, create bundles, or even offer subscription services. The power to shape your revenue streams is in your hands.

3. Content Customization: Tailor the content to your audience's preferences. Modify stories, add your branding, or even incorporate additional elements to make The Story Shack uniquely yours.

4. Diversification Opportunities: Beyond selling the stories, explore diverse opportunities. Turn them into audiobooks, videos, or adapt them for different niches. Your entrepreneurial journey is limited only by your imagination.

Your Unrestricted PLR Advantage with The Story Shack:

1. Educational Empire Builder: Craft your own e-learning empire by leveraging the educational value within The Story Shack stories. Create courses, memberships, or packages that cater to a wide range of audiences.

2. Brand Authority: Establish yourself as an authority in the e-learning space by offering unique, customized content. Your brand becomes synonymous with quality, creativity, and educational excellence.

3. Unlimited Profit Potential: The stories are just the beginning. With Unrestricted PLR, you're not just selling stories; you're selling an experience. The potential for profit is as limitless as your ability to innovate.

Ready to unleash your entrepreneurial spirit with Unrestricted PLR? Click to explore The Story Shack e-Learning Collection and embark on a journey of creative freedom and financial success!

Should you have any questions or need guidance, feel free to reach out.

Best regards,
[Your Affiliate Name]


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Subject: Monetize Your Content Creations: Turn Assets into Profits with The Story Shack!

Hello [Customer's Name],

Is your hard drive filled with content creation masterpieces, traffic courses, and an array of powerful tools, but you're unsure how to monetize them effectively?

Great news! The Story Shack e-Learning Collection offers you a golden opportunity to transform your existing assets into a lucrative revenue stream. Here's how:

1. Create Exclusive Bundles: Combine your existing content with The Story Shack stories to create unique bundles. Offer your audience a one-of-a-kind package that includes both educational content and your specialized creations.

2. Enhance Traffic Courses: Incorporate The Story Shack stories into your traffic courses. Use captivating narratives to engage your audience, making the learning experience more enjoyable and memorable. Add a new dimension to your courses with educational storytelling.

3. Utilize Visual Assets: If you have visual assets, such as graphics or animations, integrate them into The Story Shack videos. Enhance the visual appeal of the educational stories, creating an immersive experience that captivates your audience.

4. Offer Dual Memberships: If you have a membership platform, consider integrating The Story Shack stories into your offerings. Provide dual memberships that include access to both your exclusive content and the educational wonders of The Story Shack.

5. Collaborate for Impact: Partner with The Story Shack to expand your reach. Share your expertise through educational materials while leveraging The Story Shack stories to enhance your offerings. Collaborate for a win-win scenario that benefits both parties.

Ready to turn your existing assets into a profitable venture? Click to explore The Story Shack e-Learning Collection and unlock new possibilities for monetizing your content creations!

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or need assistance.

Best regards,
[Your Affiliate Name]

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