Discover the Future of Learning with PowerPoint Profits: Where Every Slide Unlocks a World of Adventure Inside an $858.4 Billion-Dollar Empire.
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Ignite young minds with engaging, educational & editable games that combine the joy of play with the power of knowledge.

Works on

  • 15+ high-quality editable PowerPoint games!
  • 150+ stories & 150+ poems!
  • Sales Page, Email, Landing Page Content!
  • Quizzes, Mazes, Coloring Images, Images
  • Training & Educational Content!
  • Book/Journal Templates
  • Additional Bonuses To Help Your Business!
  • Additional PowerPoint Tutorials On How To Create Jigsaws & Other Creatives!


Educators and Marketers

In a world where the boundaries of education and entertainment blur into an exciting realm of 'edutainment,' POWERPOINT PROFITS' stands at the forefront, offering a treasure trove of PowerPoint games that promise to transform learning for children into a thrilling adventure - One of the most profitable arena's of all time!

This is a rare opportunity to move forward into a new realm that wasn't possible.

This thriving niche breathes life into new opportunities that you've never had before!

Tap into TWO massive industries worth a combined $858.4 billion annually!

  • The E-Learning World is Projected to Reach Over $58.45 Billion in 2024... But that's not all...

Don't miss this incredible opportunity! Your journey to becoming a world-class marketer starts now. No need to spend hours with freelancers – we've done the heavy lifting for you!

  • ...Also, The Make Money Online Niche Is Valued at a WHOPPING $800 BILLION!

Selling this unrestrcited PLR to OTHER marketers is a sure-fire way to make some serious cash, not just from teachers, parents, schools, businesses, and more. BUT from budding entrepreneurs!

PLR is BIG business, and if you're not part of it... Isn't it time you were?

High-quality, Fun, Educational games
 that are fully editable for anyone!

Just download, edit to your taste, & away you go!
You can even change the text into other languages for a larger audience!

Click to play

We've A Story Of Our Own To Share With You!

This Is How We Got Into The Kid's PLR Niche!

One day... We were looking online for something to promote to our friends, customers, & subscribers... I stumbled upon a children's book pack... 

I thought to myself, "Hmmm, this looks great! I wonder if everyone else will like this too." So I signed up and promoted... (as an affiliate) a kids book package and got AMAZING results in only 3 days... I WAS OVER THE MOON!

Everyone loved it, and I knew something special was happening. Something that I couldn't ignore... So I looked further!

We began to see with a little research that many people were cashing in on the children's and PLR niches. We're smart marketers like you; we're opportunists, and we learned that selling in these niches ARE HIGHLY PROFITABLE!

Here's the screenshot to show you of the 3 day promotion results below of our first ever time selling other people's assets to people:

My mind was blown!! 1000s of sales in just one week!

I literally just shared the package with everyone I could and made over $530.00 in just a few days.

This got me thinking... "I wonder how many others do this well."

So I went to look... And the package I'd been promoting... Did this many sales in only one week?

This led me to realise there was an opportunity to take advantage of here whilst helping people just LIKE YOU get a foot in the door. I kept searching for more answers. I found another package. Just like the ones you can create with our own creative assets that you can use with StoryShack

I knew I was onto something. So I kept digging...

The children's niche is booming!
There were way more people selling children related assests than I realised. 

These are recent launches in the kid's niche!


Even our own PLR is crushing it online

These are our results within the last 60 DAYS!


That is $1020+ PER DAY So Far...

You're getting access to:
15+ games
With Additional Assets To Help You!
Fun multiple-choice questions
150+ Story Books
Coloring pages

Also Creatives To Help You Sell Them... AND MORE!

This isn't just a selection of 15 high-value PowerPoint games for children's learning. These virtual games are fun, and the entertainment niche is huge!

They're "Grab N Go" games plus sellable assets like we've mentioned above.

Each has a mini-sales page template text, so you can grab your assets & get selling as quickly as possible!

PPT Games

Edutainment PowerPoint Games!


Kids Poems To Align With The Games!


Game Related Fun Multiple-Choice Questions!


15 Story Books Per Game!


Game Related Coloring Pages!

You're in a Prime Position

It's Hitting the Summmer Time, 
Meaning One Thing...

What do parents want? To keep their kids entertained...
What's the solution? GAMES!


Selling on ETSY and other places on the internet selling PowerPoint games!


We're gifting you a special bonus!
Our Etsy Selling Guide


You're About To Access AND Have The Rights To Sell
 These Fun, Engaging, & Educational Games:

The Importance
Of self Care Game 

Play fun games to learn how to take care of oneself!

Children's Wellbeing Game

Learn fun games and skills to keep mind and body strong!

Algebra Game

Fun games to conquer the world of algebra.

Counter Game

A blast-off into the world of numbers.

Phonics Game

Fun ways to learn phonetics 

Fruits Matching Game

Match colorful fruits in a juicy challenge.

Vegetables Matching Game

Fun games to learn about all vegetables.

Animal Matching Game

Find the crazy creature pairs.

Animal Habitat Game

Find the perfect home for each creature.

Spotted Jeans & Speckled Faces

See if you can find what's changed!

Marshmallow Numbers Game

Build counting skills with a tower of marshmallows.

Prepositions Of Time

Learn to count by playing with time.

Table Manners Game

Learn to dine like a champ with silly games.

Race Game

Hit the gas and race to victory in exciting challenges

Quiz Game

Put knowledge to the test in a playful way.

and MORE

Even Our promotions of these Children's 
PLR Content is just amazing

Just by sharing the following packages with people... We make TONS of sales in commissions!

15+ fun, engaging, & educational games await!

You're Diving Into A Land Of Opportunity Never Exposed Before...

You're on a new path...

Never explored, and with the entertainment market on a meteoric rise, projected to exceed US$ 11.52 billion, and not forgetting that the children's sector is booming at $66.8 billion right now, there's never been a more opportune moment to captivate young audiences and carve a niche in this HUGE industry.

Not forgetting, as you can enter the Make Money Online niche... An $800 billion+ industry!

You're hitting THREE Niches With One Single Action Today!

- The Children's Education Niche!
- The PLR/Marketing Niche!
- The Gaming Niche!

So, what is Microsoft PowerPoint?

PowerPoint offers word processing, outlining, drawing, graphing, and presentation management tools.

Is Microsoft PowerPoint free?

YES! You can get access to free PowerPoint either via their browser app or by downloading PowerPoint for mobile—it works on both Android and iOS devices.

Did you know...

  • The entertainment world is projected to reach $58.45 billion in 2024!

Don't miss this incredible opportunity! Your journey to becoming a world-class marketer starts now. No need to spend hours with freelancers; we've done the heavy lifting for you!

  • And... That the Make Money Online Niche Is Valued at a WHOPPING $800+ BILLION!

So, selling this amazing opportunity to other marketers is a sure-fire way to make some serious cash, not just from teachers, parents, schools, businesses, and more. BUT from budding entrepreneurs!

PLR is big business, and if you're not part of it... Isn't it time you were?

There is no PLR Bundle online of PowerPoint
Games for Kids that Exist! We've looked & found nothing!

Hi! Craig Crawford is here, along with my partner, Ame Lance, from StoryShack.
Recently, I've been looking for a PowerPoint PLR to enhance my business.

And you know what...? I couldn't find ANY! So, what did we do?

We used people of expertise in a special skill-set to create these wonderful games!

You see, here at StoryShack... We're dedicated to supplying the best of the best to our customers and if we can't find it, we'll source it/have it made.

This is how PowerPoint Profits Was Born

Craig Crawford , Ame Lance & Alessadro Zamboni

Craig Crawford
Ame Lance
Alessandro Zamboni

Embark on a Journey of Discovery with Our Signature Games!

Empower with

Navigate the nuances of youth self-care and well-being through interactive storytelling and quizzes.

 Unlock Academic Potential

Master the fundamentals of phonics, tackle the challenges of pre-algebra, and more in a gamified format that demystifies complex subjects.

Explore the Natural World

Journey through lush animal habitats and match wondrous fruits and vegetables, fostering a deep appreciation for nature's bounty.

Cultivate Essential Life Skills

From mastering table manners to engaging in creative counting games, equip children with the skills they need for a bright future.

The PowerPoint Profits Promise:

Join us on a mission to redefine the landscape of children's education and entertainment. With PowerPoint products, you're not just accessing a product; you're unlocking the door to a world where learning is a joyous, vibrant, and endlessly engaging journey.

Embrace the opportunity to make a profound impact on young lives, nurturing a generation of eager learners and thinkers. Are you ready to be a part of this educational revolution? Step into the world of PowerPoint profits today and witness the transformative power of play and learning combined!

But we're not stopping there. We're also gifting you a bunch of assets to help you sell:

  • Mini Sales Page content for Each Game!
  • Email Sequences!
  • High-Quality Images!
  • Editable Template for a Lead Capture Page!

And if that wasn't enough, we've created a book series to run along- with the games you're going to sell!
We've created a book with images to add in to align with your games. a "Double Whammy!"

150+ books, dozens of images, quizzes, colouring images and MORE!

Easily use these assetsas lead magnets... Or edit them with our Build a Book bundle for a new learning experience!

We've thought of everything!

All you have to do is act now, quickly. And you'll access it all right away!

You may be wondering

"Who Would Buy My PLR Rights Games Or Bundles?" Marketers are savvy; they know content sells, and this niche is HOT

The online Make Money Online (MMO) niche is valued at over $800 billion per year. Selling content to people has been a priority for many. MAKE IT YOURS TOO!!

Get your hands on this complete package today and move one step closer to your dream!  The e-Learning Children's Games Empire + Unrestricted PLR – your ultimate solution!

who would buy PowerPoint Profits?

The Story Shack PowerPoint Profits Collection & its associated assets cater to a diverse audience of online marketers looking to monetize their efforts.

Here are various segments of online marketers who could benefit from this comprehensive package:

Buyer 01
Digital Product Creators

Those looking to expand their product offerings by integrating educational content into their portfolio.

Buyer 02
Affiliate Marketers

Individuals promoting products within the eLearning and marketing niches can enhance their campaigns with unique and engaging content.

Buyer 03
Content Creators and Bloggers

Bloggers and content creators seeking fresh, educational content to attract and engage their audience.

Buyer 04
Email Marketers

Marketers leveraging email campaigns can use the content to create valuable lead magnets, newsletters, or courses.

Buyer 05
Social Media Marketers

Social media marketers aiming to boost engagement and attract a wider audience with captivating educational content.

Buyer 06
SEO Specialists

SEO professionals looking for keyword-rich content to improve website rankings and visibility.

Buyer 07
Online Course Creators

Those developing and selling online courses can use the e-Learning Collection to enhance their course materials.

Buyer 08
Niche Site Owners

Owners of niche websites seeking relevant and high-quality content to attract and retain their audience.

Buyer 09
Digital Marketers in Parenting and Education Niche:

Marketers target parents, educators, or homeschooling communities with valuable educational resources.

Buyer 10
Ebook Publishers

Individuals in the ebook publishing industry looking to expand their catalog with ready-to-use, high-quality content.

Buyer 11
Membership Site Owners

Owners of membership platforms looking to offer exclusive educational content to their subscribers.

Buyer 12

Podcasters interested in repurposing content for episodes or creating additional resources for their audience.

E-commerce Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs in the e-commerce space wanting to diversify their offerings with educational products.

Buyer 14
Local Business Marketers

Marketers focusing on local businesses, as the PLR assets can be repurposed for various marketing and promotional materials.

Buyer 15

Dropshipping entrepreneurs looking to add educational products to their online stores.

Key reasons :

Here are some key reasons why you should grab this series and the exclusive games & PLR rights today!

Reason 01
Engaging Learning Experience

Turn learning into fun adventures that kids will love!

Reason 02
Encourages Critical Thinking

Challenge young minds with thought-provoking questions, fostering critical thinking skills.

Reason 03
Educational Value

A powerful tool designed to align with school curriculums, making it an essential supplement for every child.

Reason 04

Perfect for classrooms or homeschooling, ensuring a comprehensive educational experience.

Reason 05
Interactive Content

Packed with word searches, coloring images, and questions for an immersive learning journey.

Reason 06
Stimulates Creativity

Inspire artistic expression with coloring images, making learning a holistic experience.

Reason 07
Parent-Child Bonding

Facilitate bonding through shared, enjoyable learning experiences on-screen.

Reason 08
Multi-Sensory Learning

Engage different senses with various activities to cater to diverse learning styles.

Reason 09
Builds Confidence

Positive reinforcement through interactive challenges helps build confidence in children's academic abilities.

Reason 10
Comprehensive Content

Covers a wide range of school subjects for a well-rounded educational experience.

Reason 11
Easy-to-Understand Language

Presents complex topics in language tailored for young readers

Reason 12
Colorful and Vibrant Design

Eye-catching visuals capture and maintain children's attention.

Reason 13
Supports Classroom Teaching

Enhance lessons with engaging supplementary material for educators.

Reason 14
Perfect Gift for Young Readers

A unique and educational gift option for birthdays, holidays, or any special occasion.

Reason 15
Reusable Learning Resource

PLR rights allow customization, creating a valuable resource for educators and parents.

Reason 16
Versatile Licensing Opportunities

Customize, rebrand, and sell under your brand with PLR rights.

Reason 17
Time-Saving Solution

Access a ready-made, high-quality resource without the need to create content from scratch.

Reason 18
Profitable Business Opportunity

Launch your own educational product business with this proven and popular series.

Reason 19
Positive Reviews and Testimonials

Build a positive reputation as satisfied customers share their children's positive learning experiences.

Reason 20
Lifetime Access

PLR rights provide perpetual access, ensuring a long-lasting and valuable investment in educational resources.

Book Bundles

The "Build-A-Book Bundle": 

Ignite your books and supercharge your profits!

Unleash the power of our meticulously crafted resources, designed not only to provide you with abundant content under the unrestricted PLR license but also to elevate the value of each book you create.

As you construct your books using the included assets, witness the exponential growth in the value they bring.

Not keen on building a book from scratch? No worries! Sell the bundles as they are—we've designed these packages for effortless selling to ANYONE!

Word Searches

Word Searches Galore!


Quality Quizzes!

Coloring Pack Images

100s Of Creatives!


1000's Of Related High-Quality Images!

100 Keywords Per Subject

100+ Top SEO Key Words Per Subject!

Time to choose

The Choice is Yours!

Get your hands on this complete package today and move one step closer to your dream!
The e-Learning Children's Book Empire + Unrestricted PLR – your ultimate solution!

Here's what you get
  • 15+ High-Quality Games
  • 150+ Stories - The StoryShack Book Bundle Addition
  •  Stories - The StoryShack Book Bundle Addition
  • 15+ Multiple Choice Quizzes!
  • 150+ Creative Coloring Pages
  • High-quality Images For Each Game
  • The top SEO keywords for all book subjects!
  • 150+ Poems
  • StoryShack's StoryCraft Pro bundle: "Melody Minds Library" with 350+ music tracks
  • AnimateMasters Pro," offering 30+ categories of animations
  • 100+ Mega Mazes Pack
  • StoryShack's Build a Book bundle
  • 100+ Sudoku Elements Pack
  • 100+ Comic Book Template Pack
  • 100+ Handwriting Practice Template Pack
  • 100+ Kids Story Book Templates
  • Canva Book Templates
  • Additional beautiful content like journal prompts
  • INCLUDED: The Ultimate Workbook

This is just some of what you get with The Story Shack Collection...

It's Time To Start
Your Adventure

You're 100% Risk-Free with Our 30-Day Guarantee!

Embark on a learning quest; our promise holds. For 30 days, a tale unfolds. If our books fail to spark your delight, return them with ease; no worry is in sight.  No questions asked, no hoops to climb—your satisfaction is our paradigm.

In this poetic pledge, sincerity blooms, as learning's journey in your heart looms. Explore the pages and let knowledge flow. Yet if disappointment dares to grow, a full refund, swift and kind, will ensure your peace of mind. A 30-day embrace, a guarantee true. In the world of wonder, we welcome you.





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