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In this article we will go over some important settings or ones which we think need further clarification, but please note that they are also fully explained on their respective page.

A very useful feature which is part of the special settings is the Featured Course. By activating this option your course is highlighted in the Public Section.


This feature is useful if you want students to access a course only if they have completed certain conditions. These conditions are pre-request courses and pre-request reward points.

For courses, this means that they need to have finished a certain course before, for points it means that they need to have a minimal number of reward points first.

Free / Paid Course

Payment Request is the option that allows you to have your course set to Free or by selecting Paid you can enter a price.


Determine how a user passes the course and also the minimal value required. We will go over each field and set an example for better understanding:

Result based on

Can be one of three types, selected from a drop-down list: Lessons, Quizzes average, Final Quiz.

For Quizzes Average an additional field called minimum grade for each Quiz becomes available. This means that a user must obtain at least the value provided here to pass an individual quiz.

Passing Value

This field is a percentage (%) value and works together with the Result based on field.


We will use Passing Value as 35% and see how this affects the Result based on field:

Lessons: The user must complete 35% of the Course Lessons to pass;

Quiz Average: The average value of all the quiz grades must be at least 35%;

Final Quiz: The grade of the final quiz must be at least 35%;

Additional Settings

Duration: Can be set to minutes, hours, days or weeks and given a number. For example 5 hours. The user has 5 hours to complete this course, after that it becomes unavailable.

Limited enrolls: Set here the maximum number of students that can join this course. If, for example, this number is set to 100 and we currently have 99 students enrolled and two more want to enroll, only one of them will be able to (the one to do it first).

Re-take course: Determine the amount of times a student can enroll into this course.

Access item: By turning this feature on you will force your user to finish the prior lesson or quiz before moving on. Let’s say you have Section 1 made from Lesson 1, Lesson 2, Quiz 1, Lesson 3. Without this enabled, a user could first go to Lesson 3, then Lesson 2 etc. With this enabled he has to go through them L1 -> L2 -> Q1 -> L3.