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Syndicate Launch Calendar

Welcome to our Syndicate Launch Calendar! This calendar helps us coordinate and support each other's product launches effectively. Here are the rules to keep it fair for everyone:


  1. One Launch Per Member: Each member is allowed one launch per month.
  2. Promotion Requirement: Each member must promote each member's launch each month.
  3. Spacing: Launches are spaced 3 days apart to ensure maximum visibility.
  4. Adding Extra Launches: If you wish to add an additional launch, you must request permission from the group. This ensures that all members' launches receive adequate attention and support.
  5. Webinars & Other Offers: If you're not launching and would still like the syndicate support - Special offers like webinars/private promotions are still welcome!

Launch Calendar 2024:

Ensure You Have Updates Turned On For Your BEST Email

For this to work, we need to work together and always have our best email attached to the calendar so we do not miss any upcoming launches or updates.

The goal is to build a syndicate that works together and thrives together.

Let's be helpful, kind and push each other to our goals whilst having fun and ensuring we can all

Please enable the following on your calendar settings:

How to Use the Calendar:

  1. Review Launch Details: Click on each event to see the affiliate's name, product details, launch date, and contact information.
  2. Plan Your Promotions: Ensure you promote at least one launch per month.
  3. Request Additional Launches: Contact the group if you want to add an extra launch.

Details To Add For Your Own Launch:

- Name
- Time & Date Of Launch
- JV Page/Product Details
- Contact Information

Let’s work together to maximize our success!

The  Syndicate